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John Hartog - Natural Soundscape Recording


This list is by no means comprehensive. I hope to eventually get all the excellent nature recordists onto this list of links. If you have a nature sound recordist related website to recommend, please visit our contact page and email your suggestions.

Kevin Colver,   Soundscapes for Birders

Kevin may be best well known for his exquisite collection of bird species identification recordings featured on "Stokes Field Guide to Bird Songs: Western Region," yet he also records some excellent stereo soundscapes that he shares on his website, as a podcast, and free at the iTunes Store under "Soundscapes for Birders."

Rob Danielson,   Audio Project Gallery

Rob's site is a rich resource of technical gear comparisons, and an excellent resource for the nature recording community - especially those working on a tight budget trying to get the most for their money.

Romilly Hambling:   God's Own Clay, A Site About a Corner of the Weald of Kent

Romilly creatively describes his sense of space through relationships with music, owls, and nature. A few pages are dedicated to playable sounds and gear reviews.

Bernie Krause;   Wild Sanctuary, Inc.

Bernie Krause is unquestionably the foremost authority on natural soundscape recording. He is author of the essential nature recording primers, Into a Wild Sanctuary and Wild Soundscapes. His scientific work in bioacoustics has pioneered the important concept of biophony, an essential component of ecosystem ecology.

Martyn Stewart,   Digital Sounds of Nature

Visit Martyn's fabulous website encapsulating 35 years of work in species documentation through natural soundscape recordings. Martyn is very passionate about preserving the pristine ecosystems of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and his related CD is coupled with the award winning book Arctic Wings.

Nature Sounds Society,

While looking for others sharing my nature recording interests, I discovered the Nature Sounds Society and then signed up for their annual recording workshop. The event was key for introducing me to the nature recording community.

Doug Von Gausig,   Nature Recordings and Photography

Besides his wide spectrum of recordings, Doug is also the sole US distributor of Telinga recording equipment and the owner of the naturerecordists Yahoo group.

Greg Weddig,   Baltimore Maryland

Greg designs elegant arrays using highest quality components to get fine quality nature recordings.

Aaron Ximm,   San Francisco California

A variety field recording topics including some nature sound recordings cumulate on Aaron Ximm's highly creative website. Each week his One Minute Vacation project features a new guest submission of a short recording with written narrative.

Yahoo naturerecordists Tech Group

This is the place to connect with the nature recordist community. The many active participants here encompass a broad array of professional backgrounds and levels of experience.

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