Sound Journal
        supplemental information for entry
        06/21/2007 4:20am

        Besides coyotes you may also hear:
        Western Grebe, Gadwall Duck, Killdeer, Eared Grebe,
        and possibly Bullfrogs.

        Here is a bit of pertinent dialog between John Hartog and other nature sound recordists
        on the naturerecordists Yahoo group.


        This coyote chorus was recorded about an hour before sunrise at a
        remote wetland location in Lake County Oregon. Recorded with a SD-702
        and NT1A mics. The sounds were fairly distant: I used 60dB gain
        setting on the 702 plus 42dB amplification in post to bring it up to
        an interesting level for listening. I also put a little eq on the
        high end, rolling off about 2dB/octave above 800Hz.


        And anyone know what the birds are?

        John Hartog


        Nice recording John. Could describe the conditions in more detail?

        Aside from the great sounding Coyotes I hear the pleasant soft sound of running
        water, and frogs?, the cher-cheep sounds like a Western Grebe and finally birds
        landing in water. Did I come close?

        Thanks for sharing,

        Jim Morgan
        Hi Jim,


        Mics about 50 feet back from the edge of a lake. Very slight breeze.
        No running water, but lapping lake ripples on fine, silty muck. Arid
        environment: this lake likely dries into an alkali flat during drier
        years. The lake is irregular shaped about a quarter mile across and
        half a mile wide and may be interconnected with other nearby lakes -
        and surrounded by dunes 10 to 20 feet high of powdery white dust held
        in place by grasses and sage.

        I think I hear a bullfrog, but other than that your guess is better
        than mine on the callers.
        What do think makes the shrieks that seem to get louder with the
        coyote chorus?

        John Hartog




        Amazing recording!

        What I like, and I presume it is the bullfrog making
        the sound, is the way the bullfrog just keeps on
        making that sound unmoved by what is going on.

        Thanks for that recording and thanks to the bullfrog
        for making me smile.



        Nice coyote recording, but I'd be very surprised if that was a bullfrog. It
        sounds nothing like the booming JUG-O-RUM call that I've heard bullfrogs
        make. The consistant timing seems amphibian-like, but the tone of the call
        actually sounds somewhat like the low quack of a drake Gadwall duck.

        Other birds I heard were Western grebe, Killdeer and Eared Grebe. The
        western grebes seem to be the most prominent and react to the increasing
        coyote noise.

        odd coincidence that I just listened to that recording with my window open,
        and now there are coyotes howling outside!

        Mark Phinney


        Hey, super cool sounds of the coyotes! It almost sounds like my house
        after a siren roars through, must be a canine thing! lol

        Florida, USA


        Nice coyotes! I believe the short "eb" calls in the foreground are
        gadwall ducks.

        Kevin Colver


        Between what you (Mark) and Kevin have
        posted, I hear what you are saying is the drake Gadwall duck.

        What I think is bullfrogs is different - down around 400Hz. Here's a
        short clip heavily eq-ed to bring out the sound:

        I hear this sound all over east of the cascades in Oregon. A couple
        years ago Walt mentioned he has heard bullfrogs make similar sounds.

        John Hartog